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The Arctic Ocean


Careers you could pursue that are related to the Arctic Ocean


Embryologist is the department of biology that deals with the structure, early growth, and development of living organisms.

Marine Biologist

          Marine biologists look at how sea plants and animals live. They also work with geologists to analyze fossil marine creatures for clues about climates from the past. Many marine biologists study seals and whales.

The M/V Arctic Sunrise Group

          They protect plants from there delicate environments.


          The exploration and scientific study of the ocean and its phenomena

Fish Biologist

          Fish biologist study fish as in there structure, function, growth, origin ect.

Marine Engineering

            A marine engineer is a naval officer responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ship's engines.

Biological Oceanography

          Biological oceanography studies marine habitats and ecosystems.

Chemical Oceanography

Chemical oceanographers study the chemical composition of seawater and how it is affected by physical mixing processes and by interactions with the atmosphere, the biosphere, and the sediments and rocks.

Physical Oceanography

         Physical oceanography focuses on describing and understanding the evolving patterns of ocean circulation and fluid motion.



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Last Updated February 10th 2005