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The Arctic Ocean

Global and Local Warmings on the Arctic Ocean
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The Effects from Local and Global Warming on the Arctin Ocean

The effect on the Arctic on global and local warming are that most of the sea ice that covers areas of the Arctic Ocean will have less sea ice coverage especially during the summer. Where this happens there will be an increase in the upper sea surface and a decrease in the normal alebedo of the region. For these changes will have a big hit on habitats, especially for the creatures that depend on ice.

        Another major effect that the global and local warming has on the Arctic Ocean is that the average air temperatures are rising in the area where the ocean is located. This is very bad because it is making everything warmer, which makes things like permafrost melt.

        The permafrost melting from the global warming is becoming a big problem because the permafrost area is where the polar bears live. With the permafrost decreasing the polar bears are losing there habitat. Therefore in the future polar bears could/may become extinct.

        Global and local climates are rising way more then what they should be because of human activities like greenhouse gases.

Long Range Plans

        There are two major goals scientists want to happen in the next three to five years. One is to examine the areas of the Arctic Ocean to get an up to date model. The other goal is to identify problems and try to fix them.


Last Updated February 10th 2005